"Love & Light"

Love and Light is original music inspired by life, people & inner knowing. Experience this truly eclectic and expansive sound of a voice shift shaping according to genre, by turns very gentle and lyrical then powerful and resonant. Love & Light captures the transition between the old and new. The lyrical romance of the past grows into a much stronger, positive and uplifting future. Each song reflects on how complex love & life can be.

"Beauty & Power"

Love & Light is the kindred spirit to Magdalena’s first album Beauty & Power and finds the singer moving on, healed from the fear that blocked her music for 12 years. We join her as she is reaching for her dreams again. Beauty & Power marked those first tentative steps into healing; it is a gentle and spiritual album, with beautiful melodies and soulful lyrics. Get it on Spotify, Amazon, Bandcamp or I-tunes.