learning to be patient

    “Gradually I am stopping to fight,
    accepting all many roles in my life
    knowing that the answers are not in my mind,
    learning the patience…
    Gradually I am discovering myself
    accepting friendship and help
    knowing that all events make perfect sense,
    observing the journey…
    Gradually I am finding the peace
    accepting the life as it is
    knowing that sometimes I need to take risk,
    keeping the balance…
    Gradually I am trusting to be me
    accepting my limits and my gifts
    knowing that it’s good to have dreams

    I am surrendering to love
    Gradually stopping the fight
    Accepting all the roles in my life
    Learning about the patience!

    Gradually I am finding my path
    Accepting the failure and luck
    Knowing that after the down is up
    Trusting in the process
    Gradually I follow my heart
    Accepting the darkness and light
    Knowing that the answers are all inside
    Despite the confusion. …”

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